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MyEngene started with a vision to truly personalize medicine. Our mission is to create a positive healthcare experience by elevating the standard of care that patients deserve.

Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Now!

Proactive, Preventative, Personalized Medicine.

We aim to run a company focused on a Pharmacogenomics AI platform that improves healthcare and Personalized Medicine.

“One-size-fits-all” medication does not work. 97% of us have genetic variations which may severely impact the response to a normally safe drug.


Technology has made our platform and combatting this deadly problem feasible. Increased genomic sequencing accessibility means that more and more people can have their prescriptions and healthcare personalized, avoiding the devastating effects of adverse drug reactions. 


Some important elements of our platform include:

  • Translates the patient's genes into personalized drug recommendations to maximize drug effectiveness, and minimize drug toxicity

  • Identifies DNA variations which will lead to a dysfunctional or non-functional enzyme that will impact the metabolization of the drug of interest

  • Allows physicians to more accurately and more confidently suggest the best therapies for their patients


Introduction to MyEngene




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