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MyEngene is a pharmacogenomics platform designed for individuals and healthcare professionals, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate a patient’s genetic makeup into personalized drug recommendations.


MyEngene identifies DNA variations that will lead to a dysfunctional or non-functional enzyme, impacting the metabolization of the drug of interest. The patient’s genetic profile is translated into a format that the treating physician can easily understand. The recommendations maximize drug effectiveness while minimizing drug toxicity.


AI Driven

The platform will generate a report based on a person’s genome through machine learning and our propriety AI algorithms, this information is rapidly analyzed to provide the most up-to-date drug and dosing recommendations possible. 

MyEngene Platform

Platform as a service (PAAS) using genomics, bioinformatics and machine learning to provide insights into an individual's DNA variations that lead to poor drug response. Translating the genetic profile of an individual to provide insights into suggested drug therapies or alterations to therapies including drug efficacy.


MyEngene is the most comprehensive pharmacogenomics datalake includes:

  • Dosing Guidelines

  • Disease Diagnostics

  • Next-generation Sequencing

  • AI based technology

These advances will save lives, reduce hospital admissions/stays, and lower costs. The right drug at the right dose, right now.


The only way to truly know which medications are safe is through a genomic test and advanced analysis. MyEngene translates this information to identify problematic DNA variations. Our platform provides insight on such issues, providing a report for physicians to more accurately decide which drug therapy to suggest to their patients.

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