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MyEngene is attending the PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit 2024 in Dubai

1 Mar 2024

MyEngene will be attending the PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit in Dubai in 2024

8-9, May 2024 | Dubai, UAE | World Trade Center

Experience groundbreaking advancements in healthcare at the PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit, held at the Dubai Trade Center in 2024. This premier event showcases the latest innovations in precision medicine, revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare. Attendees can expect to explore cutting-edge technologies, engage with industry leaders, and discover groundbreaking research shaping the future of medicine.

MyEngene proudly features an article in the official magazine "PrecisionMed International", January 2024 edition, for the PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit. Explore insights on pages 54 and 55, delving into cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of precision medicine.

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Join MyEngene at the PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit in Dubai 2024. As leaders in the field, we're excited to share our latest developments and collaborate with fellow innovators. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with us and explore the forefront of precision medicine.

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